Sultanahmet palace отель в стамбуле

Welcome to Sultanahmet Palace Hotel

A Timeless Getaway.

Istanbul needs no introduction. You don’t have to have visited for the name to elicit thoughts of history, cultural mosaic and grandeur. History is something that can be consumed in countless forms throughout the Old Town District, in Sultanahmet, from incredible Blue Mosque to ancient St. Sophia and many more that transport travellers through time.

You really feel like you’ve travelled back in time the minute you step into the Sultanahmet Palace Hotel. Our Sultanahmet hotel is a boutique hotel that reflects every corner of the Byzantine and Ottoman aesthetic beauty with its eclectic architectural style, very close to the old imperial palace and respecting the historical texture.

You will make the most unforgettable moments of your life while watching the magnificent view of the Blue Mosque during sunset; or enjoy the sunrise over the Marmara Sea while having your breakfast at Sultanahmet Palace Hotel’s beautiful garden.


We always encourage our guests to book with view Room type in order to have the best view of Istanbul, however if you can not book for this type of room, no worries.

Our guests who book via our own website will get the first priority to be upgraded to the amazing view of Blue Mosque and Sea view rooms (Only depending on the availability).


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