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Eternal Hazbin

(Fan Fiction of Hazbin Hotel) Around 50 Years before the events of the Pilot Damon could still feel the buzzing pain inside his head, he could feel his guts repositioning itself, and when he opened his eyes he found himself in another world. Damon is a newcomer in Hell, and down here, It’s every man for himself. Delve deeper into Hell and its Hierarchy and experience Hell from a new sinner’s angle. Experience the story of Damon, a lowly sinner who gradually grows in power as he learns more about Hell and its inhabitants (This is still continuing!! I intend to go through with this story to the very end)

Shadow Monarch In Hazbin Hotel And Helluva Boss Universe

[❤️Summary❤️] [❤️The story is about ##### arriving in Hell 1 year before Hazbin Hotel Pilot starts and him having to deal with his title as the new Overlord, Shadow Monarch, Prince Of Shadow’s, The Music Demon and Chaos Demon and many more title to come.❤️] [❤️Note❤️] [❤️A/N: Because the Author loves Harem ofcourse this would be an Harem HAAAA! I’m out piece!❤️] [❤️A/N: I’ve been reading alot of Hazbin Hotel and Helluva Boss FanFic lately and i got bored so here.❤️] [❤️A/N: This is wish fulfilment and im bad at describing don’t expect anything from this.❤️] [❤️A/N: The Author is a liar and Unreliable Narrator don’t belive thing’s writen in Comment’s or any Author’s Note only belive thing’s writen in Chapter’s.❤️]

Hazbin Hotel: Prince of shadows

A human gets sent to hell then satan himself reincarnates him as a natural born demon of royal blood. Of course the mc is not related to Charlie.

Burning Desire (Alastor x Reader)

When you were still alive you knew that you couldn’t go to Heaven. You hurt too many people, so when you arrived in hell, you weren’t surprised. As your name begin to shake Hell, a certain demon want to remove the threat you represent to him. Hazbin Hotel belongs to : Vivziepop The image that I used for the book is from «A cautionary tale»

The Hazbin Contract Killer

Charlie, the owner of the happy hotel, gets a knock on the door and when she opens it she is greeted by a Hellhound and as he walks in Alastor. «Hello old friend.» The man then looks up, and Charlie notices his eyes are completely black. «Hello Alastor.» says the man in a deep tone, as he takes his hat off letting is hears breath. «Charlie this is a friend of mine, he is the embodiment of darkness also known as, Night, and he is a contract killer.» Alastor pauses but charlie says nothing. «I have taken the liberty of preparing a room for him.» Alastor then escorts this person to his room. Hey guys I’m making this story to celebrate that the maker of Hazbin hotel, has just entered a partnership with A24 Productions, I hope you enjoy the story and all characters and places, other than my OC belong to Vivienne Madrona. enjoy

Memories of the past (Hazbin hotel)

A angel from heaven fell down to hell as it had fought in heaven. The angel when having fallen turned to a small boy who ran away. Reaching a hotel the boy met many people he already saw and a demon which he seems to know from somewhere in the past the radio demon alastor. Author Note: This is a fan ficiton like you could have guessed. This story will have multiple perspective from different characters and won’t be fixated of one character only. I’m not a experienced writer so I would be happy to take critic and know what I could imrpove of myself While I will use canon character I may add non canon things which I will try not to make too in logical and not fitting. I added only 1 oc that is my own oc I had created for the story. Once again many non canon things may appear while I will still try and follow as much canon as I can. (Art not mine)

Drabbles of the Hazbin Hotel’s Counselor

A tale of randomly connected drabbles to a keeper of Limbo or Purgatory as others may know it as. Has been asked for to do an unbecoming favor within the underworld and if it was anyone else, it wouldn’t have come to be. But it was Lucifer, whom pleaded to an old ally from years past. It can’t be that bad?

In hazbin hotel and helluva boss: The king of chaos

Disclaimer: I don’t own anything thereon who created this story was OM3G4-009 from Wattpad hazbin hotel is owned by Vivziepop images and videos in the story are not mine. —————————————————— There is a young heir to hell’s throne, but his called a disgrace for his kind nature unlike his older twin sister, Charlie. Shunned thought out his childhood, he was lonely but learn how to keep moving forward. few came to for aid but never knew his name. they called him the king of chaos. Now he helps Alastor with his passion project to help the sinners but meets the one he dreaded. as for his name. is. —————————————————— only update, when I have nothing to do ———————————————————- the cover is not mine


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