Кто плачет в отеле в валентайне

Red Dead Redemption 2: Polite Society, Valentine Style — walkthrough Red Dead Redemption 2 Guide and Walkthrough

This page of our Red Dead Redemption 2 guide is dedicated to the first mission of Chapter 2 (Polite Society, Valentine Style). During it, you’ll get acquainted with new options, such as stores and how to buy in them.

Last update: 28 September 2022

Polite Society, Valentine Style is one of the missions available in Red Dead Redemption 2’s second chapter. Arthur and a few other members of the gang visit a nearby town called Valentine. During this mission you can learn, i.e. how to purchase goods. The hero will also have to help two of his friends.

How to unlock: Speak with Uncle in the gang hideout in Horseshoe Overlook.

Walkthrough: Start riding towards Valentine town. Stay on the road displayed on the radar — thanks to that you will come across a coachman who lost his horses. Try to help him by catching one of the escaped animals. Slowly approach a scared horse, hold the lock-on button and press the button to calm the animal down. After that you will be able to get closer to the horse. Bring the animal to the coachman. This will give you positive honor points (reputation).

Continue your journey to Valentine. Park the stagecoach near the stable. Follow the Uncle to the general store. The mission requires you to purchase Ground Coffee. You can approach the shelve with coffee and find it yourself (see the picture above) or you can open the trade window by speaking with the trader. You can also make other purchases but this step is completely optional. Leave the shop.

Watch the cut-scene. Reach the place with arguing people. Speak with the man to chase him away. Next step is to find Karen. Go to the hotel. You can ask the receptionist for Karen’s room or you can go straight on the upper floor. Karen is in the room 2B. You need to kick the door. After that you must fight with the man. Use blocks and dodges or simply focus on using regular attacks. Leave the hotel.

Chase the man who has recognized Arthur. Get on a random horse and start galloping. Be careful so you won’t hit any obstacles or other riders. The chase is scripted. It ends when the horse throws the man off of its back. Approach the chasm. You can interrogate and then help the man or you can let him fall. If you help him, you will learn that his name is Jimmy Brooks. The man gives you a feather (you can sell it later).

Additional note — Go back on the horse you took in Valentine, and return the animal to its owner. This act will give you a few extra honor points. The owner of the horse should stay in the same place where you stole the animal — next to the Valentine hotel (see the picture above).


Polite Society, Valentine Style

Polite Society, Valentine Style is a Main Story Mission, and part of IGN’s Red Dead Redemption 2 Walkthrough. This guide highlights mission strategies and Gold Medal requirements.

Gold Medal Checklist:

To start this quest, head to Uncle. He’s the closest map marker to camp, so he’s not hard to find. You’re going to take Uncle, and some of the women, into the nearby town Valentine.

Follow the yellow path on your minimap as you drive the wagon. As you continue down the road, you can go into cinematic mode and hold x/a to follow the road. An out of control carriage will eventually trigger you to action — but you don’t have to actually stop.


To get the Gold Medal for this mission, you must choose to “Help” the Coach Driver and return his horse.

To return the horse, all you have to do is approach the horse, press L2 to target it, then follow the prompts to calm it and walk it to its own.

Now continue along the road to Valentine. Keep following the yellow line on the minimap and you’ll make it to the center of town in no time. Once you’re off the wagon, follow Uncle to the general store.

Once inside, Uncle will instruct you to pick out a cigar. Cigars slightly damage your stamina core, but will greatly restore your Dead Eye core. Uncle is buying — so don’t be shy!

While you’re here, you can stock up on health and stamina regenerating items if you need them.

When you’re done with whatever purchases you wanted to make, head back outside to wait for the women who came with you.

Uncle will share some booze with you as you wait of the bench — you’ll doze off. One of your lady friends will wake you with some great intel about a passenger train full of rich passengers coming through soon.

Help the Girls

Unfortunately, this good news is soured by the other two women who went off to rob some men. You’ll see [[Tilly Jackson|Tilly]] across the street, being harassed by a man.

Simply point your gun at him to intimidate him enough to back off. He’ll walk away, and you’ll be tasked with finding Karen next.

Simply turn to the right from where [[Tilly Jackson|Tilly]] was, and enter the door there that has “HOT MEALS” written next to it.


Find Karen in 45 seconds to meet the requirements for the Gold Medal during this mission. Talk to the man at the counter, then run up the stairs and make a right. It’s the second door on the right — room 2B. Use circle/b to kick open the door and find Karen.

After you’ve found Karen in room 2B on the right at the top of the stairs, beat up the man who was accosting her. You can stay behind to loot the room, or you can follow her out immediately. There’s nothing of particular value inside — about $1 worth of stuff.

Follow the Man from Blackwater

Once outside, a man on a horse accuses you of being at Blackwater a while ago. You deny it, but he runs off, spooked. You’ll start the mission on a borrowed horse (remember to return it after the mission). Chase the man — he runs southeast.

Just make sure you don’t fall off your horse and you won’t fail, and you’ll eventually catch up to him… because the man falls off his own horse and ends up hanging off the a cliff.

Helping him gains you honor, and you learn his name — Jimmy Brooks. Saving him makes you believe you to be a good man, and he gives you a nice steel pen. Arthur threatens him anyway, and Jimmy claims he has never seen him to try and get off the hook.

Jimmy Brooks wishes you a nice day, and rides away. This marks the end of the mission Polite Society, Valentine Style.

Continue to Americans at Rest, Who is Not Without Sin, or Exit Pursued by a Bruised Ego. We suggest starting Americans at Rest, as the point person is much closer.


Кто плачет в отеле в валентайне

I’m trying to get all the cards for the collection but apparently a card is inside a room that’s not accessible by any means. The door is locked, the window can be destroyed but you can’t enter inside.

Shooting the door hinges, throwing a bottle bomb or even dynamite doesn’t seem to work either. Any other possible solutions to get the card from the bugged room?

they have put around just 25 buildings that are not just a pixels pictures on a big map, and they don’t even work well? I wonder what is that 150 GB that we need to download for RDR? GTA5 online is 100 times bigger in gameplay, and items that we can get, and it is just 70 GB? And also, the controls of things in gta5 are also a lot better made? I don’t know if it is the samething for many peoples, but the control in RDR are glitching, or bugging a lot, and not just ingame, but also in the menu? It must not be that hard for a programmer to make a menu work eassily while in it? But, they made sure that we get debited for the camp, and the stable, we have to pay like every 5 minutes of gameplay.

GTAV is far older and it’s assets are much smaller, and don’t look nearly as detailed.

Not necessarily disagreeing with your other points, but game size is completely moot given the huge span in years between the two. Just look at the detail of the sky alone.

For me, the controls in GTAV are worse. Constantly running in circles when I don’t want to. My biggest complaint, it’s like they made punch horse F on purpose just to screw with us knowing that’s our go to for getting in vehicle.


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