Какие подушки используют в отелях марриотт

What pillows does Marriott use?

Have you ever wondered why hotel pillows are so relaxing and comforting? What’s so special about them? In fact, after a trip to a 5-star hotel like Marriott, we begin to wonder what pillows does Marriott use? Where can I get one for myself from? So many questions and we are here to answer them for you (also find out the Marriott mattresses).

Hotel pillows are unique because they are made of 100% natural down and feather. They’re luxuriously soft to the touch and contour perfectly around your head. They have a variety of pillows to please every type of guest. They provide comfortable support while you slumber at night (also check the top rated hotel mattresses).

So if you are looking forward to getting a Marriott pillow for your home – Read on!

Our top 3 favorite hotel pillows (better than Marriot ones)

Who Makes Marriott Pillows

The Pacific Coast Feather Company has been manufacturing pillows for Marriott Hotels for over 20 years. Pacific Coast Feather’s pillows are known for their quality and comfort (check the best selling pillows with great comfort). Their excellent products are committed to providing Marriott’s guests a great night’s sleep.

A variety of pillows are available for the guests residing at Marriott. One can choose according to their requirements and sleeping styles.

What Type of Pillow Does Marriott Use?

Marriott hotels pride themselves on having their signature pillow collection. They offer their guests a choice to rest on premium down and feather or pure down pillows (also check the top-quality goose down pillows). The pillows are loaded with softness and are lightweight. For firmer feeling pillows, there are more alternative pillows.

For side-to-back and stomach sleepers and varying firmness, all types are offered (check the top rated pillows for stomach sleepers). The collection is luxurious and one of a kind, waiting to make your stay at Marriott memorable.

Marriott Feather And Down Pillows

The Marriott feather and down pillow is ideal to ensure you have a restful night’s sleep. The Marriott pillow has a firm inner core that features a luxurious soft down (check the best selling luxury pillows).

With 90% duck down and 10% duck feathers, it is allergen free and one of the best hotel pillows they have. The firmness is enough to ensure your head and neck are supported throughout the night (also check the top-quality pillows for neck and shoulder pain). The 100% cotton cover maintains the crispy softness, and you enjoy a remarkable sleep every day.

Marriott Fiber Pillow

The Marriott Fiber pillow exhibits the power of creativity and consciousness. Designing something that is both eco-friendly and super comfortable is an art. It’s made from recycled plastic bottles and spun into soft, resilient fibers.

These fibers are then sewn onto a 100-per cent cotton pillowcase to make up outstanding bedding. It possesses a quality that lasts long and looks great forever. Bedding infused with sustainable power and all the support needed to help you get the healthy rest you need and deserve!

Marriott Body Pillow

A Full-Sized Body Pillow is just what you need to relax and unwind. The 100% feather free, made of polyester fiber fill, lets you enjoy your carefree sleep. It is perfect for any sleeping position but gives a taste of heaven to side sleepers. Hypoallergenic and with 100% cotton covering, these body pillows are a blessing at hotels and luxury at home (also check the top rated luxury mattresses).

Marriott Bolster Pillows

Marriott Frameworks Bolster Pillow

The Bolster Pillow is the perfect piece to freshen up your bedroom decor. This decorative pillow features a trendy strip of tan fabric and crisp white shirring. They grace up each end for added attraction. It has a soft circle on each end for a dramatic touch and classic hemstitching for an elegant finish. Overall, the pillow rises as an indispensable bedroom accessory.

Marriott Block Print Bolster Pillow

Add elegance and drama to your home with the handmade block print bolster pillow. Crafted from luxurious wool and cotton, this spectacular accessory features an intricate pattern. The design adds subtle texture to the overall pillow ensemble. This is an actual statement piece that will become one of your family’s favorite over time!

Marriott Bird’s Eye Accent Pillow

The Bird’s Eye Marriott accent pillow is a high-quality decorative accessory that looks great in any room. A Marriott Hotel exclusive, it makes for a lovely theme for bedrooms. No need to hassle to add elegance and class to your bedroom.

With a modern pattern and tufted design, it offers consumers the elegance of creating their look. This decorative accent pillow features an easy-care fabric blend. The pillow prides itself on retaining its shape despite normal wear and tear.

Marriott Throw Pillow

Marriott Fleece Throw Pillow

There is nothing more remarkable to cuddle with than the Marriott fleece throw pillow. This super-soft and luxurious throw pillow gives a chic and cozy aesthetic appeal. Made from 100% polyester fleece cover, its warmth is exclusive and exciting. Make it an elegant addition to your bedding at home and feel the luxury.

Marriott Leyla Throw Pillow

Influenced by a unique textile dyeing technique, this pillow features a symmetrical ‘ikat’ pattern of blues and greens. A burst of turquoise hues adorns the Leyla Throw Pillow, and its embellishments make it a winner. The white and silver tassels add the perfect accent making it a perfect throw pillow to add to your bed, lounge or sofa.

Marriott Bali Throw Pillow

With Leyla adorning the blue and green tint, Bali Throw pillows parade the grey and white hues. The calming and soothing ‘ikat’ patterns add more than just grace to your home decor. The Marriott exclusive is an ideal bedding accessory for your armchair and sofa. Add a soft pillow and appealing finishing touch to your space without spending much.

Marriott Morraine Throw Pillow

A reversible pillow that satisfies both crisscross and stripes admirers. No matter what design you like, the Morraine throw pillow blends well with any theme. Its changeable design allows you to vary the look in an instant. The durable cover makes it just as easy to care for.

Marriott Alton Throw Pillow

Add a comfy plush pillow to your home’s décor with the Alton throw pillow. Capture vintage style in this high-quality neutral hue. This decorative square is the perfect finishing piece for contemporary and chic designs.

Can You Buy Marriott Pillows?

The official pillow shop for Marriott Hotels & Resorts is Shop Marriott. From feather and down to the fiber ones.

All Marriott pillows are available, from throw pillows to body and fleece. Visit Shop Marriott to compare prices, check sizes, and the enchanting features of each pillow. With varying fill and firmness, grab the ones that suit you and your requirements.

In Conclusion:

A good’s night sleep is vital for good health. We have answered your question about what pillows does Marriott use? So, go on and get one for yourself. Treat yourself to luxury and make every night of yours as calming as that in a 5-star hotel.

Marriott pillows FAQs

Which Marriott Pillow Is Best?

The Marriott Feather and Down pillow is the one that stands out of the lot. It is a firm pillow with a soft inner core made from pure feathers. Its outer layer is a swirl of Down and has a 100% cotton cover. You don’t have to worry about any allergies getting in the way of your good night’s sleep. Combining these two allows for optimal neck support while you’re sleeping!

What Kind of Pillows Do They Use In 5-Star Hotels?

Duck feather and down pillows are the ones that provide support and extra comfort. They have always been the luxurious choice for hotel bed pillows. Marriott Hotels are known for their hospitality and supreme comfort levels; these pillows help maintain that. These exclusive pillows give good support, regulate temperature, and are soft as clouds.

What Hotel Has the Most Comfortable Pillows?

When we speak of 5-star hotels, just a few names pop up. Hyatt, Hilton, Marriott, Ritz, and Royal are a few on the top. And we know these hotels have proved to be majestic in providing comfort and luxury. And it is all because they have excellent bedding. We cannot point at a single hotel with the most comfortable pillows. A pillow is only comfortable as long as it helps you fall asleep and wake up feeling remarkable. So, the hotel pillow that works best for you is the one to look forward to.

Can I Buy a Pillow from A Hotel?

After a stay, if you think you have slept on the best pillow in the world, then ask about it. You can scan through the tags and check the manufacturer as well. Furthermore, you can see if they sell the same quality on their website or an outlet. Some hotels like Marriott have their official website. You can check the description of all the pillows and buy the one you desire.


Picking the Pillow of Your Dreams for Home (and Hotel): How Fluffy Perfection is Born

For decades, medical research has shown an overwhelming consensus that deep, consistent sleep is essential to good health, playing a role in anxiety management, cardiovascular wellness and perhaps even cancer prevention.

And while sleep technology has boomed in recent years, running the gamut from white noise machines and bedtime podcasts to deep sleep apps and smart sleep masks, users repeatedly state that the right pillow is crucial for a good night’s rest.

As it turns out, experts agree.

“Having a good quality pillow to support the head and neck is important to the entire sleep experience,” says Scott Mitchell, Marriott International’s director of design and development. “The quality of the pillow is of equal importance to the quality of the mattress, sheets and blankets.”

The quality of the pillow is of equal importance to the quality of the mattress, sheets and blankets.

Scott Mitchell, Marriott International’s director of design and development

Whether you are on the beginning of your optimal pillow hunt or nearing the end, here are the three things the pillow expert urges you to consider when choosing the pillow of your dreams.

What’s Inside?

When putting together Marriott’s range of pillows for purchase, Mitchell feels it is important to offer a variety of options instead of just one signature pillow.

“We generally offer two types of pillows in our hotels: natural fill and synthetic fill,” says Mitchell.

While it may seem overwhelming to make a choice when walking down the pillow aisle, in fact, Mitchell reassures, it really comes down to these two aspects.

Natural fill

“The natural fill pillows are made with blends of goose or duck down and feathers,” he explains. “There is no difference in the performance of goose or duck. The difference is one of perception.”

While feather quills come from the outer layer of the birds’ backs and wings, down is softer, lighter and taken from the underlying layer meant to keep them warm. As a result, down’s biggest perks are its softness and ability to retain warmth.

By comparison, full-feather pillows are more firm, and better at retaining their shape throughout the night. Mitchell says a combination of quills and down offers a happy medium with breathability and just the right amount of support for most people.

For Marriott’s part, it goes the distance to make its natural products as universal as possible.

“The goose and duck down and feathers we utilize come from suppliers that clean and sanitize the fill to remove all dirt and dander from the product,” says Mitchell. “They do this to the point that they are allowed to make the claim that the products are allergy free. This is an expensive and timely process and one that we require.”


Another natural option is a blend of materials including down and Lyocell, an energy-efficient fiber made from wood pulp. It’s used in the signature Marriott Pillow, which Mitchell says is a popular choice among guests and customers alike.


For those that prefer a foam or other non-natural pillow due to allergies, a vegan lifestyle or otherwise, there are plenty of synthetic options.

“Our synthetic fill pillows are made of polyester fibers,” Mitchell describes. Materials like synthetic down and polyester mimic the feel of their natural counterparts without attracting allergens. They often cost less, too.

A Matter of Position

According to the National Sleep Foundation, 56 percent of people are side sleepers. Of these, 41 percent report sleeping curled up in the fetal position, while 15 percent sleep stretched out on their side. For both sets of side sleepers, a firmer pillow is ideal. That’s because the head and neck need more support in order to avoid straining throughout the night.

For back sleepers, a softer pillow is fine since the neck is in a restful position, and for stomach sleepers — the least popular and, incidentally, least recommended position to sleep in, according to experts — a breathable synthetic pillow that compresses easily is the best choice.

If you’re a person who tosses and turns throughout the night, a feather and down combination should provide the versatility you need as you switch from one position to another and back again.

Comfort and longevity

Once you’ve found the right pillow, you can extend its life by using a pillow protector, ensuring years of luxurious sleep without needing to shop for a replacement.

(Photo: Marriott International)

A well-made bed also typically includes a bolster pillow or two, pulling the look together and offering lumbar support while sitting upright. Side sleepers can also place it between their knees to align the spine at night, alleviating pressure and allowing for deep, full-body rest.

A little extra consideration can go a long way toward sending you off to sleep each night in comfort. For a wide array of bedtime comforts, Shop Marriott to build the perfect bed.


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