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  • Velvette Kake
  • Velvette
  • Velvet
  • Vel
  • radvelvetcakes(Voxtagram username)
  • Girlboss (self-proclaimed)
  • Baby Doll, Dollface (by Valentino)
  • The Killer Doll
  • Ms. Cute but Psycho
  • V-Girl
  • V-Bomb, Queen (by the Simps)
  • Psycho E-Girl (by Ren)
  • Lifeform (by Satan)
  • Nails (by Blitzø)

Date of death


  • Selfies
  • Social media
  • Clout
  • Flirting with Vaggie
  • Attention
  • Sweets
  • Memes
  • Dolls
  • Anything that trends
  • Fashion
    • Fast fashion
  • Cosplaying
  • Teasing Vox and Valentino and cracking jokes at their expense
  • Dance-pop
  • «Cancelling» people
  • Cyberbullying
  • Doxxing people
  • Livestreaming
  • Animating
  • Spreading gossip and false information
  • Playing with knives
  • Video games
  • Pranks
  • Torturing her victims
  • WackDonald’s
  • Multi-level marketing


  • Everything outdated or irrelevant
  • Rejection
  • Her appearance being ruined
  • Normal food
  • Things not going her way
  • Poor people
  • Being underestimated
  • Trolls
  • Her «dolls» being free
  • Herself, Valentino, or Vox getting bad PR
  • Fat people


  • Gain as many likes, clout and followers as possible.
  • Turn Vaggie a doll and «play» with her forever.
  • Assist Valentino in recapturing Angel Dust(all ongoing).
  • Deliver Heaven’s Light to Satan to gain ultimate power (abandoned).






  • Demonic physiology
  • Doll physiology
  • Semi-Immortality
  • Nigh-Invulnerability
  • Black Magic Manipulation
  • Demonic Transformation
  • Regeneration
  • Social Media Manipulation
  • High intelligence
  • Potion making
  • Agility
  • Combat prowess
  • Torture intuition
  • Vast wealth and influence
  • Transmutation (via potions)
  • Poison Gas Generation (via potions)
  • Limited reality warping
  • Alchemy
  • Natural weaponry
  • Culinary intuition
  • Animation skills
  • Weapon mastery
  • Teleportation

Place of origin


Professional status


  • Overlord
  • Social «sinfluencer»
  • Social media manager for Vox and Valentino
  • Manager of Voxtek
  • Fashionista
  • Co-Creator of Envee
  • Owner of The Sweet Spot
  • Ringmaster of the Circus of Hell



  • Valentino(perceived adoptive father)
  • Vox(perceived adoptive father)
  • Sentient dolls (creations; «children»; deceased)
    • Bananas
    • Peanut
    • Skittles
    • Wafer
    • Tiramisu
    • Moonpie
    • Dumpling
    • Raspberry
    • Norm



Romantic interests



  • Lucifer Magne(king and former boss)
  • Satan(brief ally)
  • Sir Pentious(acquaintance)
  • Lilith Magne(acquaintance)
  • Tip and Dash(acquaintances)
  • Camille(acquaintance)
  • Sock and Buskin(acquaintance)


First appearance

Headcanon voice(s)


Lady Velvette Kake of Pride, also known as Velvette or Velvet, is a major antagonist in Hazbin Hotel: Journey to the Light.

She serves as the tertiary antagonist of Season 1, a minor yet pivotal antagonist in Season 2, a major antagonist in Season 3, a flashback antagonist in Season 4, and a major antagonist in Season 5.

She is a British Overlord who governs over social media and Hell’s fashion industry, the owner of the Circus of Hell and The Sweet Spot, a member of the Vees — along with her «dads» and lovers Vox and Valentino, and the archenemy and former best friend of Vaggie.

A social media mastermind and demented doll demon, she serves as Vox and Valentino’s social media manager, covering up their dishonest deal makings and masterfully spinning their antics into good PR and excellent promotion. She is also a serial killer with a penchant for kidnapping, torturing, and murdering demons for sadistic pleasure, or using black magic to turn them into sentient dolls so they can be used as her personal playthings, and she is always looking for new dolls to add to her collection. She is one of Hell’s biggest social «sinfluencers», and is the leader of a small army of devoted fans and followers whom she affectionately calls «the Simps».


Biography [ ]

Background [ ]

Nothing is known about Velvette’s life other than she was born in the United Kingdom. However, some dialogue has implied that she was homeless when she was first reborn in Hell. Eventually, Vox «adopted» her, taking her under his wing. Afterward, with the help of Vox’s influence, she became a social media icon with a following of billions, as well as becoming the PR agent for Vox and Valentino. She also became the ringmaster and owner of the Circus of Hell, as well as the owner of The Sweet Spot, Pentagram City’s top confectionery shop.

Events of Hazbin Hotel: Journey to the Light [ ]

Season 1 [ ]

In «That’s Entertainment», Velvette is seen partying with Vox and Valentino at Porn Studios following the conclusion of the annual Extermination. She takes a selfie with a reluctant Vox before posting said selfie on Voxtagram.

In «Red Smoke», Valentino is flustered after having raped Angel Dust as punishment for striking him and breaking his glasses. Wanting to blow off some steam, the moth suggests to Vox that they should go on a killing spree, and he chooses Butcher Town as the location. Vox agrees to this but warns that Butcher Town is a tough town, and its denizens won’t go down without a fight. This only excites Valentino, who says things will be more interesting that way. Before getting in his limo, Valentino tells Vox to go pick up Velvette and meet him at the town.

Velvette is then introduced when she, Valentino, and Vox are massacring Butcher Town, which has turned into a full-fledge battle between the Vees and the denizens of the aforementioned town. Velvette makes her entrance by throwing bombs everywhere, before excitedly and brutally killing any sinner in her path while laughing uncontrollably. In the midst of the carnage, she starts livestreaming the brutality and begins reading messages from her followers. As the Vees are effortlessly slaughtering everyone and destroying the town, one sinner nearly manages to shoot Valentino while his back was turned, but Velvette saves him by stabbing the sinner through the back with a large butcher knife, before proceeding to cut him in half. Valentino notices this and is gratified by Velvette having his back, and gives the blood-splattered Doll Demon a pat on the head, which Velvette is visibly pleased by.

In the aftermath of the massacre, Vox and Valentino are hanging around the wreckage, waiting for Velvette to finish torturing the survivors. Vox impatiently asks why they have to wait on Velvette every time they decimate a town, and Valentino replies that they should let her have fun, and admits that he likes watching. Afterward, Velvette excitedly prances over to the two, giggling, and says she attempted to vivisect the survivors, but they died of shock before Velvette could finish. Valentino says he feels much better, and invites Vox and Velvette to go to WackDonald’s with him before they head back home. This leaves Velvette extremely excited, and the three Overlords leave the destroyed town in Valentino’s limo.

In «Deal with the Devil», Velvette interrupts Vox and Valentino just as they were about to have sex, asking if they could order her food from Hannibal’s Restaurant. Although Vox is annoyed by Velvette’s presence, Valentino suggests that they let Velvette watch, since she had been complaining about being bored. However, Vox decides to end the session as he is no longer erect, disappointing Valentino. Velvette excitedly suggests that the three of them should play video games.

Later, Velvette is sitting on a couch watching TV with Vox, and Vox confesses to her that he thinks he is dying. He explains that he gets a weird feeling in his chest whenever he sees Alastor, but Velvette merely pokes fun at this by saying that Vox is in love with Alastor, which Vox defensively denies and berates Velvette for thinking it. As Velvette continues to tease a now frustrated Vox over his apparent crush, Lucifer suddenly pulls up to Valentino’s studio in his limo, causing Valentino to panic and urgently order Velvette to leave the studio out of fear that she will embarrass him in front of Lucifer. Velvette tries to say something, but Valentino again yells at her to leave, this time in a demonic voice, causing her to run away.

Velvette excitedly pops up in front of Vox and Valentino once Lucifer leaves, startling the two, and inquires what the King of Hell said. Valentino informs Velvette that Lucifer has tasked the Vees with sabotaging Charlie Magne operation by any means possible, as well as capturing an ancient source known as Heaven’s Light, which Charlie had obtained after praying to God Himself while at her lowest point. Velvette says that they can destroy the Hazbin Hotel easily, or the «Loser Hotel» as she calls it, but Vox questions Velvette’s competence in executing the job, bringing up the time she once caught Valentino’s entire studio on fire after putting cake batter in a toaster. Velvette and Vox then break into an argument, but Valentino silences the two of them, saying that he has an idea of how to sabotage the operation, and ominously says that Angel Dust is the key to their success.

In «Chamber of Doubt», Velvette is at the Circus of Hell, torturing a sinner during a livestream. As she sadistically mutilates him and begs him to scream for her followers, the unnamed sinner begs the pain to stop, but Velvette ignores his pleas, telling him that pain is his body’s way of thanking her. She then injects him in the head with a hypnotic serum which makes him enjoy the pain and thank her for it. Just then, Valentino barges in on her, demanding that Velvette tell him where Angel Dust went off to. Velvette says that Valentino is in luck, before pulling out her phone and reading a message from one of her followers saying that Angel Dust was last seen with Fergus near the Hazbin Hotel, which greatly enrages the moth demon.

In «Fallout», Velvette, Valentino, and Vox set up a trap for the Happy Hotel crew by kidnapping Angel Dust’s pet pig, and brutally torturing Alastor’s friend, Husk, by ripping his wings off. Afterward, Vox taunts the Happy Hotel crew by appearing on the television in the hotel and inviting them to Butcher Town for a meeting. Shortly afterward, the Happy Hotel crew arrive at the destroyed town, which has been converted into another location of the Circus of Hell, and Valentino is waiting for them. The negotiations are short, and a fight breaks out afterward between the Vees and the Happy Hotel Crew. This is when Velvette arrives at the fight, and begins battling Vaggie, who she seems to especially hate for unknown reasons. During the fight, Velvette injures Vaggie by cutting her across various parts of her body with her knife, and runs inside the nearby tent with the insignia «Velvette’s Funhouse», inviting Vaggie to come «play» with her.

Determined to kill the Doll Demon, Vaggie runs inside the tent, entering the Hall of Mirrors. While in the maze-like hall, Velvette appears on various mirrors, although she is nowhere to be seen in the room. As a paranoid Vaggie desperately tries to find Velvette, Velvette reveals the reason why she and Vaggie hate each other; Velvette had invited Vaggie to join the Vees, but Vaggie declined so that she could continue supporting Charlie and the Happy Hotel, which left Velvette rejected and furious. Velvette continues taunting Vaggie, who becomes increasingly agitated and begins smashing the mirrors, which only earns her more mockery from Velvette. However, one of the mirrors Vaggie smashes reveals a secret pathway to another room. Vaggie captiously enters the room and opens a door, finding herself in a colosseum-like room with Velvette looking down on her from a giant TV screen. Velvette then presses a button on her phone, causing various doors to open. Hundreds of Velvette’s followers pour through the door, and Velvette orders them to attack Vaggie. Vaggie desperately tries to fight them off, but there are too many of them, so she runs out and escapes Velvette’s Funhouse after an intense chase, collapsing from exhaustion as well as the injuries she sustained.

In the middle of the ensuing chaos, Valentino attempts to kill Charlie by shooting her with his revolver (which Angel Dust says is loaded with holy bullets), but he is stopped by Angel Dust and Cherri Bomb, the former of which pushes Charlie out of the way, and the latter of whom throws a bomb at Valentino, which knocks him to the ground, and destroys his coat. Charlie is saved, but Angel Dust has been shot in the leg, leaving him gravely injured. Cherri Bomb attempts to escape with Angel by carrying him out of the town, but Velvette suddenly pounces on her, holding her down, and tells the struggling demon that Valentino has special plans for her.

Meanwhile, Vox and Alastor are engaged in a vicious fight, and Velvette shows up and begins filming and presumably livestreaming the fight on her phone, cheering Vox on. Vox effortlessly defeats Alastor, but just as he was about to kill the Radio Demon, Velvette inadvertently distracts him by jumping around Vox excitedly and giving him tips on how to finish off Alastor. This gives Alastor and the defeated Happy Hotel crew time to retreat, greatly angering Vox. The TV Demon harshly scolds Velvette and throws her phone on the ground, causing Velvette to break out in tears and begin crying as Vox goes on a tirade about Alastor. However, Vox’s tirade is interrupted when Valentino emerges from nearby smoke, practically having a mental breakdown over his favorite coat being destroyed by Cherri Bomb. However, Valentino gets his composure back, grinning evilly, and ominously says that he and Angel Dust aren’t finished, before looking back at Cherri Bomb, who is being held down by his henchmen.

Appearance [ ]

Velvette is a young, slim demon with slightly grey-brown skin. She has razor-sharp teeth and her nails are sharped to a point.

As the Overlord of fashion, Velvette consistently changes appearances throughout the series.

In Season 1 and 2, Velvette has large, velvet, burgundy, and white hair tied into pigtails with lace hair ties holding her hair up. She seems to be wearing white eyeliner with crimson eyeshadow. She has white irises and red sclera She wears a black, velvet, and white tea-length dress with short, puffed sleeves that include various designs and velvet lace at the bottom. She wears white and velvet striped fingerless evening gloves, and black stockings. Her shoes are velvet flats with white puff balls on the top.

In Season 3, Velvette is depicted with a hairstyle that swoops to her right side, while the other side of her hair is in a bun. She wears skull-shaped earrings and a dark blue, fur-covered vest with three hearts on the left side. Her right fingerless gloves now have a striped dark blue and red color. She retains her black stockings with pink flats, though her skirt is smaller than before. She wears a pearl necklace.

In Season 5, Velvette sports large, curly hair tied into large pigtails which have a faded velvet color on the tips and pale blue gradients at the ends, white swirl streaks on hair and on her bangs and with black hair ties holding her hair up. She wears a black crop-top with two hearts on the chest and retains her fur-covered vest from before. She wears two, fingerless evening gloves one white and black on her left arm and red and black on her right arm. She wears a black belt with a white heart-shaped belt buckle and bell bottoms which are a striped black and red color. She wears maroon heels and white puffs on the top.

Personality [ ]

Authoritative, confident, trendy, and fashion-savvy, Velvette loves her job and is very ambitious, willing to do anything to get what she wants without any regard for who or what she has to destroy to further her selfish goals. She is a playful, ruthless, and smooth businesswoman who accepts nothing but the best from her associates and wards, and while fectious and childish, she has proved to be more than competent enough at managing multiple businesses at once, managing Vox’s company Voxtek and managing a massive fashion company where she promotes fast fashion and multi-level marketing. Much like her partners Valentino and Vox, she is revolutionary and materialistic, being disgusted by anything that is considered outdated, since those don’t trend. She will evidently abandon and betray anyone to have fame and relevancy, as shown in the past when she abandoned Vaggie — her best friend and lover at the time — on the streets of Pentagram City after Vox had offered her a job. She is extremely loyal to Vox and Valentino, willingly covering up all of their horrible crimes and always promoting them, and is, in a sense, the glue that holds the sadistic boys together, though she is not afraid to challenge or insult them.

A testament to her cruelty, she had a penchant for kidnapping sinners and torturing them for her amusement and satisfaction of herself and Hell’s populace. After she has her fun tormenting and mutilating her victims, she either kills them using holy weapons left by the Exterminators, has them sent to The Sweet Spot to be baked into confectionary treats, or transforms them into sentient dolls using potions so that she can use them as her own personal toys, which is widely considered by the denizens of Hell to be a fate even worse than double death, as her doll victims are still aware of what is happening around them, but unable to move and speak, as she plays with and mutilates them.

As a killer, she is exceptionally merciless and extremely barbaric; she has no qualms with forcing her victims to watch as their loved ones were massacred, and goes as far as to mock her victims’ family members by calling and telling them about how she murdered their loved ones in detail for the sake of recording their reactions. Her methods of killing are also exceptionally brutal, such as cutting her victims’ organs out and flaying them, almost always while they are still alive. She sometimes has her victims’ corpses converted into morbid attractions for the Circus of Hell, such as tying her victims’ bodies to strings and using them as marionettes. In addition, she relishes in engaging in turf wars, and was absolutely ecstatic and laughing uncontrollably as she massacred Butcher Town alongside Vox and Valentino. Her cruelty even extends to animals, as she was shown to enjoy tormenting Angel Dust’s pet pig, Fat Nuggets, by injuring it with her claws and dangling it just out of Vark’s reach, all simply to hurt Angel emotionally. To top it off, most of her crimes have no association with Vox and Valentino, as she appears to do all her crimes for fun or attention. Thus, she lacks any excuse for her actions beyond being more overtly sadistic than Vox and Valentino themselves.

She is capable of switching her personality on a whim depending on whatever is trendy and popular. If horror and serial killers is what’s in, she can behave like a psycho killer; if being a stoic girlboss is what’s in, then she will behave more seriously than usual; If, hypothetically, being environmentally friendly is what’s hot, then she can pretend to care about the environment and perform superficial acts of environmental friendliness.

In general, Velvette is psychotic and has a loose grip on reality, due to her obsession with social media and indulgence in the promotion of fast fashion, hate campaigns, and spreading of misinformation. She frequently refers to Vox and Valentino as her «dads» despite neither of them formally adopting her or acknowledging her as their daughter, and she genuinely believes that Vaggie is still her bestie, despite the moth sinner genuinely hating Velvette.

Velvette has a complete addiction and obsession with social media; she is constantly seen on her phone, takes selfies of herself and others on a whim (sometimes even posing with the corpses of her victims), and livestreams nearly all the time, showing her everyday life and the torture and murder of her victims to her followers. She is very narcissistic and self-obsessed, only ever seeming to care about trending and getting as many followers and likes as possible, and completely disregards the lives she has killed or ruined as long as it means getting more attention and publicity. Her dialogue is also peppered with heavy social media terminology, such as «TTYL», «hashtag», and «LOL». She also has the tendency to use stereotypical internet-originated slang while describing something or someone.

Disregarding her sadistic hobbies, Velvette is an unpleasant sinner in general, cyberbullying non-followers on her streams by doxing and threatening them, as well as joking that they should commit suicide, among other things. She also loves to spread harmful gossip and rumors about her enemies and rivals. Furthermore, she delights in bullying Sir Pentious, mocking him along with her followers, and called him a «cringy fucking loser» while posting a video of one of his inventions malfunctioning. She also, like Valentino, shows a disdain for the obese, insulting Valentino’s heavier workers and telling them to starve themselves until they look more «presentable».

Despite being a terrifying serial killer, social media mastermind, and implied cannibal, Velvette has a lively, bubbly attitude and sense of humor, making childish jokes out of any situation, but more often while tormenting her victims and causing general mayhem. She is incredibly snarky and sassy, even cracking jokes at Vox and Valentino’s expense. She is a frequent source of comic relief in the series; throughout her appearances, she is depicted as being very carefree and openly goofy, contrasting greatly with Vox and Valentino themselves. On one occasion, while she, Vox, and Valentino were planning their assault on the Hazbin Hotel, Velvette was more focused on baking cupcakes, since it was Cupcake Friday at The Sweet Spot. At one point, she stabbed one of her henchmen with a knife out of suspicion that they were secretly made of cake. She also does not pick up on Valentino and Vox’s constant sarcasm, such as when the former said he was «shocked» about Angel Dust being late for a film shoot. When excited, she zestfully zips and bounces around while repeatedly exclaiming the reasoning behind her excitement, behaving in a manner similar to a child, and frequently argues with Vox over very trivial and insignificant matters, and enjoys teasing him over his apparent crush over Alastor. She has the tendency to purposely annoy others by pulling pranks on them, or generally pushing their buttons, such as the aforementioned teasing of Vox, or attempting to take Alastor’s photo, knowing how much the Radio Demon hates his photo being taken on smartphones.

Regardless of her goofy behavior, Velvette is still a very real, intelligent, manipulative, and dangerous threat who should not be underestimated, as she can easily be just as cruel and devious as Vox and Valentino themselves, as evidenced in her interactions with Vaggie, and sadism while torturing her victims. She is also scarily effective and competent, manipulating the wide populace of Pentagram City like puppets on a string through her knowledge of the internet. She knows exactly what to say, what people like, what is relevant, and is cutthroat and confident. Additionally, she has proved herself to be a deceptive, self-promoting liar while managing PR duties for Valentino and Vox.

Regardless all of her immoral and horrific qualities, Velvette displays genuine care towards Vox and Valentino and is extremely close to them, often acting as the glue holding them together. She hangs around the two a lot, often partying, playfully annoying, and taking selfies with them, and views the two of them as her dads (despite being around the same age as them). She also protected Valentino during their massacre of Butcher Town and saved him from getting shot from behind by a sinner, showing her loyalty and love for her «dad». She also becomes upset whenever Vox and Valentino argue or break up, was genuinely hurt and driven to tears when Vox yelled at her for distracting him, and cried when Valentino punched her in the back of the head. She also supports and ships Valentino and Vox as a couple, seemingly unaware of how unhealthy their relationship is, and tends to express wanting them to make up whenever they break up with each other, which happens frequently. Furthermore, Velvette is also shown to be very close to Vox’s pet shark, Vark, often petting him and calling him a «good boi». In addition, Velvette is social, outgoing, and outright friendly towards her employees at The Sweet Spot, taking selfies with them, calling them her «besties», and giving them complements, making her one of the few Overlords who seems to genuinely value and care about her henchmen.

While Velvette does love Vox and Valentino, she is by no means dependent on them and can get easily provoked when other demons claim that she would be nothing without them. She insists that she is her own person and an authoritative «girlboss» who can get by on her own with Hell under her heels, and will happily eviscerate anyone who says otherwise.

Powers and Abilities [ ]

Natural Powers [ ]

  • Demonic Transformation: Like every other sinner, Velvette possesses the ability to transform into her far stronger Full Demon form at will, and back to her default form.
  • Immortality: As with all sinners, Velvette is ageless and immortal, as she has already experienced death, and thus cannot die of old age and most of the other natural causes that kill humans, such as diseases or disorders. However, even as a sinner, she is not completely immortal, as she can still be killed if she is attacked with holy weapons, or if she is hit with attacks from divine entities.
    • Nigh-Invulnerability Like all other sinners, Velvette is extremely durable, resilient, and immune to most forms of attacks; She was able to break her fall after being blown sky-high by one of Cherri Bomb’s explosives, withstand being smacked hard in the back of the head by Valentino, endure being kicked into a car door with enough force to subsequently rip it off, and endure being hit by Charlie’s limo, which launched her into the side of a van before falling to the ground, only for her to pop right back up, laughing the attack off. Her durability and physiology also grant her a high tolerance to pain, as she was able to take multiple stabs in the side from Niffty and still being able to overpower her while laughing off the pain and regenerating quickly from her wounds. As she is a sinner, the only ways to truly kill her for good are to destroy her using the weapons of angels, or for her to be killed by a primordial or celestial beings of great power.
    • Regeneration: Velvette can regenerate in the instance she is decapitated, cut, mutilated, or melted. As she can only be killed by angelic weapons or higher beings, her regeneration is strong enough to heal her even if her entire physical body is completely destroyed somehow.

Unique Powers [ ]

  • Demonic Power: Velvette is still a very powerful sinner capable of easily slaying lower sinners using her weapons, superhuman strength, and proficiency in black magic. While assaulting Butcher Town with the other Vees, she mutilated, tortured, and casually massacred dozens of the town’s inhabitants, some without even looking at them. When faced against highly skilled sinners, Velvette was capable of wrestling Cherri Bomb to the ground without much difficulty, and overpowered the likes of Vaggie, Angel Dust, and Niffty.
    • Black Magic Manipulation: Velvette is a practitioner of black magic, allowing her to cast malevolent spells, shift reality, and violate the physical forms of others.
      • Clothing Manipulation: Velvette can use her magic to almost instantly change the outfits of those around her. While doing this, she can make the image of different outfits appear on people, and can swipe the air like she would a phone to instantly change their outfits, like an Instagram filter.
      • Creation: A rare power for a sinner to possess, Velvette is proficient in very limited creation magic, as she can spawn various objects, weapons, and food such as balloons, confetti, candy, and cake from out of nowhere.
        • Weapon Manifestation: Whenever Velvette spawns her knives, they appear to be generated from her body, suggesting that they are generated using creation magic.
      • Reality Warping: Using black magic, Velvette can manipulate her surroundings, causing objects to appear and disappear and changing the layout or color of the room she occupies.
      • Typhokinesis: Velvet can conjure and manipulate black smoke to mask her escapes.
    • Dollification: Velvette is capable of brewing potions that transform her victims into dolls when ingested. In this state, Velvette’s «toys» are still conscious and fully aware of what is happening around them, and are apparently still capable of feeling pain. However, they are unable to communicate with anyone, are rendered immobile, and can only be freed from this state if a special potion is spilled on them.
    • Enhanced Speed: Velvette is unnaturally fast, quick enough to dart across an entire room and a street in a matter of seconds. This speed, coupled with her agility, makes her rather difficult to tag in combat. She is also one of the few sinners capable of keeping up with Niffty.
    • Enhanced Strength: Despite her lean frame, Velvette is deceptively strong, as she was capable of cutting a sinner in half using a large butcher knife while attacking Butcher Town with Vox and Valentino. She also was capable of pinning Cherri Bomb, no stranger to having enhanced strength herself, to the ground with Cherri visibly struggling to free herself from Velvette’s grasp. While attacking the Happy Hotel directly with the other Vees, she almost effortlessly pushed back Vaggie, Fergus, Angel Dust, and Niffty by herself.
    • Superhuman Reflexes: Velvette is capable of easily dodging the offensive attacks on others, as shown by her evading and parrying Vaggie’s attacks with graceful ease and quickly exploiting her weak spots by stabbing her.
    • Teleportation: Velvette is able to teleport from one place to another, as well as teleport objects or people and make objects disappear out of thin air. While teleporting, she pulls out her phone and strikes a pose, disappearing in a blinding flash of light generated from her phone and leaving behind confetti and the sound of a party horn, but sometimes she occasionally appears from out of nowhere with no warning whatsoever.

Former Powers [ ]

  • Life Manipulation: When Satan enhanced the powers of Velvette and her allies, one power that Velvette had received was ability to create life. In the brief time she had it, she used her powers to create an army of sentient dolls who she adopted as her children.

Abilities [ ]

  • Animating: Velvette has displayed impressive skills in animating cartoons using her drawing skills. She frequently makes animations for her streams or to advertise Vox and Valentino’s businesses, at one point creating an animation of Valentino screaming at Vox.
  • Agility: Velvette is capable of rushing to her desired locations easily, and is able to maneuver her way around her surroundings with little to no effort. While doing this, she appears to not have a walking animation, as when she walks forward, she simply hops forward. Velvette is also extremely skilled in gymnastics, allowing her to free run across Pentagram City’s rooftops without losing momentum. She also uses her agility effectively in combat, often somersaulting towards her opponent, and leap frogging over them to avoid attacks.
  • Authority: As an Overlord and member of the Vees, Velvette has sway over all lower demons within Pentagram City, which effectively makes her one of the three rulers of the Pentagram, alongside Vox and Valentino.
  • Culinary Intuition: As the owner of The Sweet Spot, Velvette is an expert baker, with cookies, candy, cake, and cupcakes being her specialty.
  • Deceptive Intelligence: Velvette is far more intelligent than her silly attitude would have people believe. She was able to set up elaborate death traps throughout her bases, such as room that filled with toxic gases. She is also an expert at crafting and brewing potions, and she was intelligent enough to seemingly invent a hypnotic serum that she often injected into her victims. She also possesses a complete and total understanding of social media, using it to inspire blind loyalty in others.
  • Intimidation: Due to her unpredictable and psychotic nature, Velvette is highly feared by other sinners, and her mere presence can put even hardened criminals on edge. One of Valentino’s servants expressed fear of being near her since she previously jabbed him in the hip with a knife for no reason, and her doll victims, when they were released, were horribly traumatized by their experience as Velvette’s playthings, as they could barely get their words out while convulsing with fear.
  • Master Combatant: Velvette excels at hand-to-hand combat as shown during her fights with Vaggie, Angel Dust, Fergus, and Cherri Bomb, as she was able to beat them all at once singlehandedly with little to no effort. While massacring a town with the other Vees, she was able to take down numerous sinners at once with a combination of acrobatic kicks and her use of knives, all without suffering a single injury. During her first fight with Vaggie, Velvette practically toyed with her by casually and gracefully dodging all of Vaggie’s ferocious attacks and exploited her weak spots by playfully stabbing and poking her with a knife, doing this all with a smile on her face.
  • Natural Weaponry: Velvette can use her sharp claws and teeth as offensive weapons, as she used the former to cause Fat Nuggets harm by pressing her claws into the pig’s skin.
  • Potion Making: Velvette is an expert at brewing potions that result in magical, cosmetic, or lethal effects.
  • Resources: Due to her massive influence on social media, Velvette has control over an army of crazed, loyal followers who follow her every command blindly. This alone makes her a very resourceful person, as she is capable of using her hundreds of fans to get information from places from across Pentagram City that she or her allies would want or need.
  • Social Influencing: Velvette is capable of using her platform to spread misinformation or good promotion about a person or place, allowing her to effortlessly manipulate the public opinion about the subject.
  • Social Media Manipulation: Velvette possesses a complete and total understanding of the social norms of the current internet and easily adapts to the latest trends to increase the influence of herself and the other Vees. She uses social media to inspire blind loyalty and adoration towards herself as well as Vox and Valentino, portraying herself as a lovable, yet psychotic e-girl. She often uses this to make her most devoted fans become her personal minions and keyboard warriors, or «simps», who spend the majority of their lives creating internet memes and helping her in her crimes with the only reward being brief spurts of Velvette’s attention.
  • Wealth: Velvette is extremely rich due to her being Vox’s ward, as well as earning income from the Circus of Hell, The Sweet Spot, and her blindly loyal fans sending her money. As a result, she can buy services and objects inaccessible by the majority of inhabitants of Hell’s denizens.
  • Weapon Proficiency: Velvette is an expert at handling many types of weaponry, ranging from knives to explosives. She seems to particularly excel at using knives of angelic properties, and other sharp objects; she cut Vaggie multiple times with a butcher knife during their fight, and attempted to use a razor against Angel Dust. She is also a precise knife-thrower, based on the spinning wheels in her circus that had several unfortunate sinners attached to them, as well as targets that were shaped in the likeness of Vaggie and Alastor.

Weapons [ ]

  • Blessed Weaponry: Velvette possesses a collection of angelic blades that were left behind by the Exterminators that she keeps at the Circus of Hell and can spawn on her person. She seems to only use her angelic weapons to erase her more resistant victims once she is through torturing them.
  • Knives: Velvette is equipped with a an almost endless array of butcher knives of which she is capable of using with deadly efficiency. Although she always carries knives on her person, she is also capable of spawning knives from scratch using magic.
  • Potions: Velvette’s potions can often result in lethal effects; she most often uses her potions to create a transfiguration fluid that transforms her victims into whatever she desires once it is ingested. She can also mix her potions to create fragrances and vapors such as perfume, and can create a poisonous gas which she could use to kill trapped enemies.
  • Syringes: Velvette carries an array of syringes with her that are filled with a hypnotic liquid that turns her victims into masochists and makes them relish the pain she puts them through.

Relationships [ ]

Family [ ]

Doll «children» [ ]

Following Satan enhancing Velvette’s powers to convince her on joining its crusade, Velvette used her new powers to create an army of sentient dolls. Upon doing so, Velvette fawned over her creations, affectionately calling them her «babies», and promptly adopted them as her children and henchmen. She was devastated and distraught when Satan murdered them to punish her for the Vees’ failure to capture Heaven’s Light.

Allies [ ]

Vox is Velvette’s adoptive father. Shortly after Velvette arrived in Hell, Vox adopted her off the streets and took her under his wing, using his influence to make her an internet icon in Hell. As a result, the two have a surprisingly positive relationship. This friendship is mostly the result of their mutual love of modern technology. Throughout the series, Velvette and Vox are frequently seen bonding with each other by conversing about social media, playing video games, and watching movies. She also enjoys taking selfies with her dad, usually to his reluctance, and while Vox is slightly disturbed by Velvette’s sadistic habits, he can’t help but admire her for her creativity in torture and killing. Despite their overall amiable relationship, Velvette and Vox often get into arguments with each other over very trivial matters, such as when Velvette teased Vox for his apparent crush on Alastor, and Vox’s frustration over Velvette’s occasional air-headedness.

In «Fallout», Velvette cheered Vox on as he fought Alastor and ultimately defeated the Radio Demon. Just as Vox was seconds away from defeating Alastor once and for all, Velvette inadvertently distracted Vox by jumping around him excitedly while screaming tips on how to finish off, which gave Alastor time to recover and escape, which enraged Vox. Vox then harshly scolded her for unintentionally distracting him and letting Alastor escape, so much so that it results in her crying. Velvette was later seen crying excessively in her room, while Vox listened in concern. Vox seemed regretful of his yelling at Velvette, as he then asked Valentino if he thought he was too hard on her. Nonetheless, the two remained friends and associates after this moment.

Valentino [ ]

Much like Vox, Velvette regards Valentino as her dad. As his PR agent and adoptive daughter, Velvette loves Valentino and is quick to defend the moth from criticisms by excusing his horrible behavior and covering up his immoral businesses, making him out to be a reputable pimp who values his workers. However, her devotion to him could not be more one-sided — the moth demon rarely shows her any genuine affection and only allowed her to join him and Vox because he merely saw her as an obedient accomplice. He also never displays regret for whenever he hurts her feelings and can become physically abusive whenever Velvette annoys him, such as when he punched her in the back of the head out of anger for joking about his favorite coat being destroyed, and then shouting at her to shut up when she started crying. When Valentino was embarrassed by Stolas on Voxtagram, he snapped at Vox and Velvette for not getting involved, even though it was not their fight to begin with, and angrily told Velvette that the cookies she previously baked for him sucked, purely out of spite. The Voxtagram accounts also reveal that Valentino previously assaulted her for taking unappealing images of him and posting the images on Voxtagram.

Despite her loyalty to him, Velvette does have a habit of poking fun at Valentino. This includes pranking him, making jokes at his expense, and posting embarrassing images of him on her Voxtagram account.

Despite this, Valentino does seem to possess a small soft spot for Velvette at times, as he lets host parties in his studio on the annual Extermination Day, bought her a new phone, and tolerates her hyperactive behavior for the most part. He even gave Velvette a pat on the head for helping him massacre Butcher Town, like a master congratulating an attack dog on a job well done, and he later allowed her to torture and murder the survivors of the town, even when it took up his and Vox’s time. When Vox became impatient and simply wanted to leave as he had a business meeting later that evening, Valentino convinced him to let Velvette have her fun as it had been a while since he had seen the fun she was having, and admitted that he enjoyed watching her torture her victims, showing that he and Velvette seem to only bond over their mutual sadism.

The series’ creators have described the relationship between Velvette and Valentino as though Valentino sees Velvette as a pet, and rewards her for doing what he says.

Velvette and Vark very much enjoy each other’s company, as Vark is shown excitedly pouncing on Velvette and showered her face with licks when she greeted him at Vox’s mansion. Velvette often feeds the remains of her victims to Vark, earning her his affection, and also has a habit of riding on his back like a horse. Despite their friendship, one of Valentino’s Voxtagram posts shows Vark attacking Velvette on Vox’s orders, although this seemed to be all in good fun on Vark’s part, and he held no malice against Velvette and simply was doing what his owner told him.

Employees [ ]

Velvette has numerous employees who work for her at her confectionary shop, the Sweet Spot. Surprisingly for an Overlord, Velvette is shown to be very outgoing towards her employees, taking selfies with them, calling them her «besties», and giving them complements, and her employees seem to love her and go along with her sadistic hobbies. This makes Velvette one of the few Overlords who seems to genuinely value and care about her underlings.

Enemies [ ]

Vaggie [ ]

Velvette is considered to be Vaggie’s primary enemy, though Velvette herself does not see it that way. In the past, Velvette and Vaggie become best friends with each other shortly after Vaggie was sent to Hell, and had to survive together on the streets of Pentagram City. Some of Velvette’s dialogue heavily implied that the two may have been lovers during this period of time. However, after being adopted by Vox, Velvette abandoned Vaggie, seemingly forgetting about her until, years later, she appeared at the Hazbin Hotel after learning Vaggie had been staying there with Charlie. Not even recognizing Velvette at first, Vaggie was surprised by how much her former best friend had changed, though Velvette was indifferent to Vaggie’s anger over Velvette leaving her to fend for herself, all for fame and fortune. Seeing the hotel as irrelevant and a «dump», Velvette offered Vaggie the chance to join the Vees, though Vaggie declined, partially out of loyalty to Charlie, and partially because she was embittered to Velvette. Offended, Velvette was furious and felt rejected by having lost her «bestie», swearing to make her pay.

Velvette is incredibly possessive of Vaggie and will do anything to become «besties» with her, even if it means turning her into a doll against her will.

In «Fallout», Velvette and Vaggie confront each other when the Vees lure the Happy Hotel crew into a confrontation in the destroyed remnant Butcher Town, which Velvette converted into another circus attraction. After a brief fight, Velvette led Vaggie into a nearby circus tent called «Velvette’s Funhouse», taunting her into chasing after her. When Vaggie ran inside to kill Velvette, the doll demon viciously taunted her in the Hall of Mirrors, greatly agitating Vaggie. Velvette then led Vaggie into a colosseum-like room and sicced hundreds of her followers Vaggie, which results in Vaggie being assaulted and injured by Velvette’s rabid fans, as Velvette herself watched on with glee.

In «The Encore», Angel Dust and Vaggie settle their differences and team up to take down Velvette. When Vaggie discovered Velvette’s «doll» collection with Angel Dust, she was horrified and disgusted by the display, and took the time to free Velvette’s victims, believing that no one deserved to go through the misery Velvette puts her victims through. This greatly angered Velvette herself, who entered her Full Demon Form in a fit of rage, and injured Vaggie by clawing her across the side. Velvette then mused over ways she would torture Vaggie, including turning her into a doll after killing her friends, baking their corpses into confections, and forcing Vaggie to eat them. Fortunately, Angel Dust, Niffty, and Fergus managed to save Vaggie just before Velvette could torture her.

Angel Dust [ ]

It is implied that Angel Dust hated Velvette even before he left Valentino, having likely interacted with her during his years of serving Valentino, as he referred to Velvette as a «bitch» while talking about her with Fergus and Vaggie. Velvette seems to support Valentino abusing Angel and behaves indifferently to Angel’s misery, gaslighting him by saying that he brought all the abuse upon himself by refusing to obey his pimp.

When the Vees attacked the Hazbin Hotel, Velvette tormented Angel Dust by hurting his beloved pet pig, Fat Nuggets, by using her claws to harm the pig, and told Angel Dust that if Valentino couldn’t have him, then no one could, while in the process of trying to stab him with a knife. Shortly afterward, Angel Dust joined forces with Vaggie in order to defeat Velvette. When Angel Dust and Vaggie discovered Velvette’s «doll» collection, he was disturbed, claiming that Velvette was «sicker than [his] porn outtakes», and promptly assisted Vaggie in freeing Velvette’s dolls, which enraged Velvette. After Velvette transformed into her Full Demon Form and attacked Angel Dust and Vaggie in a fit of rage, she then mused over how she would torture Angel Dust, such as injecting acid into his veins.

At the same time, Angel Dust did display a fondness for Velvette’s cooking, as he considered taking a couple of Vaggie’s raspberry tarts while sneaking out of Porn Studios.

Alastor [ ]

Much like Vox, Velvette is shown to indulge in ridiculing Alastor for his outdated tastes in technology, frequently calling him a «boomer» or some other variation. She goes out of her way to pester Alastor, at one point establishing the «Alastor Challenge», daring her followers to take the Radio Demon’s picture on their smartphones, knowing that he hates his picture being taken on said devices.


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